nto the most noble and glorious populace of Ansteorra do We, Lochlan &

Gwen Rex et Regina Ansteorrae send greeting and salutations,

 The time of reckoning is upon Us, We seek Our Heirs. Prospective entrants
must have held the requisite offices and be paid members. They must be
temperate, virtuous, and kind. They must also submit a letter of intent no
later than July 1st stating their eligibility and intent to enter our Crown
Lyst.  Emails, snail mail, and personal delivery are all acceptable.

Lochlan and Gwen
Rex et Regina Ansteorrae

Date: July 6th-7th
Time: Gate opens Saturday at 7:00 am and closes Saturday at Midnight. LOOK HERE FOR THE SCHEDULE
Location: 45th Infantry Park, Coalgate, Oklahoma Click Here For Directions!
Fees: $10 adults, $5 ages 7-14, ages 6 and under free, $5 non-member surcharge
Stacy Cullum                                            Candy Nordmark
Alicia Blackdragon                                    Candilyn Bannleath
2200 S.W. 77th Pl                                      3500 S. Chestnut Ave
Oklahoma City, OK                                    Broken Arrow, Ok
                73149                                                        74012
Beverage Restrictions: Dry site
Camping and Lodging Information: No camping available, but hotels are available in town. See here for a list of local Hotels.

Lyst Field Pavilions: Precedence will be given to period pavilions on the Lyst Field followed by OP. To request placement of your pavilion on the Lyst Field* please contact Baronessa Caterina with the following Info:
  • Shape of Pavilion
  • Period or Mundane
  • Dimensions with and without ropes
  • Your Name and Station
  • When you will be arriving on site
* If your pavilion is selected to be placed on the field you will be contacted.